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Insider's guide to Napa Valley                                                                      Published each Monday in Napa Valley

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NapaLife is the insider's guide to Napa Valley; this is only a taste of the whole newsletter. The weekly newsletter is published by insider Paul Franson.

NapaLife runs 12 to 20 pages each week including a list of almost everything happening in Napa Valley in the next week. It is e-mailed each Monday and an online version is also available. It costs only $1 per week, $50 per year.

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For a free guide to public relations for wineries, stores or non-profit events, including how to submit items to NapaLife, email paul@napalife.com.

Books by Paul Franson

The NapaLife Insider’s Guide to Napa Valley

by Paul Franson

The Insider's Guide to Napa Valley tells the stories behind the valley and its people, and learn everything from the best views in Napa Valley to why Napa Valley is the unique place it is.

Buy at Bookmine in Napa or order for $19.99, $4.99 for Kindle version at Amazon.com

Spinning the Bottle Again

By Paul Franson and Harvey Posert

Spinning the Bottle Again contains strategies, tactics and case studies of wine  public relations. It’s a heavily updated and revised version of the seminal book on wine public relations, Spinning the Bottle.

Spinning the Bottle Again is a collection of theory, practical information and case studies about promoting wine, wineries and wine related issues.

Print version is $19.95 from Amazon.com, $9.99 for
Kindle version.

/Users/paulfranson1/Documents/Napa articles/NapaLife newsletter/Index_files/Caribbean.jpgEscapes to Paradise: Adventures and Misadventures in the Beautiful Caribbean Sea

by Paul Franson

You may dream of buying a boat in the tropics, but you’d do well to read this book before you do.

Author and sailor Paul Franson has had some of the best times in his life on the varied islands of the West Indies, but he’s also had some experiences that he can be philosophical about only decades later.

The book also includes tales of other sailing adventures, a guide to sailing some popular islands, and a cookbook of Caribbean recipes.

Print version $9.99, Kindle version $4.99 from Amazon.com.